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Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today, my parents – Carlos & Marijane Castells – moved in.  In that time, so much has happened.  It seems to me that the best way to summarize is to use photos that are worth 1000’s of words.  (Easier to “read” too . . .)

DSCN2752 Birthdays w-'buelos

2013 – September birthday celebration for  Kathryn, Bradford, and JT

DSCN2709 Abuelito's chair a triumph

Yay, John installed in the chair-lift!

Foto of Abuelita in Autumn

Autumn photo of MJ in front of new home


Granddaughter Tiffany’s baby shower on Sept. 15.

Castells' Singalong  (7)

Ho, Ho, Ho, it’s time for the Castells’ Christmas Singalong

Castells' Singalong Family Photo

Carlos & Marijane Castells and their descendants pose for the annual Christmas photo

Family Christmas 2013 Elliott - Castells

Castells/Elliott household on Christmas Eve

2014 3-10 Abuelita & Jane

Abuelita & Jane going to lunch during “Spring” break


Tiffany and Pedro bring ’round the first great-grandchild, Jackson!


April 2014 Cherry Blossom Festival

Easter 2014 (3).JPG Carlos & Marijane - Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Carlos & MJ!

DSCN4378 group3

Memorial Day Graduation party for Cayla & Caytie in Pennsylvania

2014 July 5 Bisabuelo, Jackson, and Jeannie

Family Reunion – 4th of July, 2014


Family Reunion with adult children (minus Carlos, Jr.)

 It’s been quite a year.  Praying for continued blessings during year 2.


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