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Update on Grandpa Howard

Today is Saturday, August 18.  It’s been about 8 weeks since his fall that caused the fracture of his C2 vertebrae.

Dad (aka as Grandpa or Howard) is currently in his fourth facility.  The first was Inova Fairfax Hospital, then Virginia Hospital Center Inpatient Rehab, Burke Health & Rehab, and now Fairfax Nursing Center as a rehab patient.   We are currently in the mode of planning what is next.  His followup with the orthopaedist is one week from yesterday on 8-24-12.  In preparation, John has gathered previous tests, and Maria will take him to get a final (hopefully) CT scan of the affected area of his spine.

Meanwhile, we are learning what home care assistance is available as well as information regarding long-term facilities should he not be a good candidate for coming home.  He is 91-years-old and has suffered a number of losses while in these various places; it’s not certain he would receive the best care at home.  It seems that support and care for elders in their final years can be a complicated business.

Because we love him, this process has been trying to the soul; however, we have faith that good decisions will be made.  So we appreciate your thoughts, prayers, AND comments, should you be so inclined.  Btw, the photo below is Grandpa Howard last Christmas.



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