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Pentecost and Confirmation

Tuesday evening, May 11, our son J.T. received the sacrament of Confirmation.   His final preparations began in England where we lived for a year.  So you could say, the celebration was a long time in coming.  But the Holy Spirit does come, and His timing is perfect.  He came first at Pentecost, a feast we will celebrate in about 10 days.  We all need His help.  Thank the Lord, He brings Jesus Christ near.

Come Holy Spirit, come!


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Wow, it’s amazing how out of practice one can get with posting when you stop doing it for awhile.  It is kind of like praying.  Stop for a few days, and it gets harder and harder to sit down and do it.  It’s also like relationships.  You can start to take them for granted and not put the work into them that they require.  Soon, poof!  Spouses can live like virtual strangers waiting in an airport terminal.  You sit next to each other viewing different bits of reading material or staring out the window paying no attention to the expressions on the other one’s face.  Not good.  Of course, the analogy only goes so far…

Here is a good saying:  “Seven days without prayer makes one weak.”  (Say it out loud if it doesn’t make sense to you.)  So what does two months without blogging make you?  (Don’t answer that.)  My friend Eileen, an eighth grade mom and friend from Trinity School (and licensed, professional counselor) has told me that it takes between six and 12 months to fully integrate and feel happy when you have a major transition.  She counsels patience with yourself and others.  Not an easy directive!  [NOTE:  We moved 9 months ago, but three and a half months ago, I started a job that was deceptively simple and non-invasive of family time.  That transition started the whole process over again, I think.]

I have been going through hard times emotionally.  It seemed to start some time during Lent.  But then the joy of Easter came, and I still was struggling.  Who can figure?  But also, I have been unusually busy with my part-time job that often has “full-time” hours.  That’s another good question.  What do you do with a job that stresses you out so?  Time will tell.

Several good things have been happening lately.  First of all, Spring has sprung in a big way, and the only downside to all the rare and beauteous scenery is the excessive presence of pollen and other allergens in the air giving us florally-challenged persons something you don’t want to sneeze at!

Cherry blossums in Washington, D.C.

Cherry Blossum Festival and Washington Monument

Second, Jane – our high school senior – has had some nice occasions like the Trinity prom and a Senior Banquet thrown by Cornerstone – the Christian youth group she attends.  With each passing day, graduation from our wonderful Trinity at Meadow View draws closer.  How exciting these times are, no less for our third child than the first two!

Jane with MK and Laura who returned for Prom!

Jane with Luke

Our little Jane has grown up!

Cornerstone Senior Banquet - Jane, Maddy, Becca

Also, J.T. is finally going to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation – God-willing – next Tuesday, May 11.  NOTE:  That day is also Kristin Sarah’s 21st birthday – Milestones abound!

Our neighbors Terry and Alicia, have had travails with the addition/remodelling of their home and with the health challenges of George, Terry’s live-in father.  They have been visiting regularly for dinner (how is a family of 8 to eat when they have NO kitchen to work with for 2 months?)  Before he had his most recent heart attack, when George made his way over for his meal, I made it a point to chat with him about happy things, because it is so easy for him to feel down.  Who wouldn’t when walking is pain, your spouse has passed on, and very little of what you want to do is available to you?   Also, I went with my father-in-law, a.k.a.Grandpa Elliott, to the Commissary and remarked on the nice weather, obligatory in these parts.  I said, “This kind of day makes you want to enjoy it forever.”  Cynically, he remarked, “I certainly don’t want to be here forever…”  It makes me sad to think that you could get to the point of disliking life so much.  How we must endeavor to encourage one another in this “Valley of tears” (as it often seems to be)!

As long as my job keeps me busy typing programs, it’s hard for me to post.  But at least, now you can say, “She’s back.”

~Ephesians 4:32  And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ forgave you.

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