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Lent / Cuaresma

Lent.  How well am I following Jesus on the Way?


The Way . . . . . .Jesus

Gentle                  Yes

Prayerful             Even through the night

Dedicated           3 years non-stop ministry

Sacrificial            No place to “rest His head,” gave up food to talk to woman at the well

Loves others      To his death

The Way . . . . . . Maria

Gentle                  Sometimes, but I catch myself being rough or abrupt

Prayerful            If I push myself, daily; but felt dismay when asked to pray an hour a day in Lent

Dedicated           I consider myself “serious” about my Christianity (but what does that mean?)

Sacrificial            I won’t walk around the house w/out slippers, prefer to eat when I’m hungry

Loves others      As much as I can when I can muster the zeal


Cuaresma. ¿Qué tan bien estoy siguiendo a Jesús en el camino?

Se necesita trabajo.


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