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If you have been reading, my spouse, John, recently threw me a massive birthday party when I turned 50, but waited some 362 days after I had turned to do it.  Surprise!!  Now it’s his turn to age up and mark his 50th birthday on February 17, Ash Wednesday, which is also the beginning of Lent.  As is customary in regions around New Orleans, that means throwing a big party just before!  So I and several of our good friends gathered in our house to celebrate and honor John.

Mother Nature inserted herself by sending a generous “gift” in advance of three feet of snow, but our intrepid group of well-wishers surmounted the hurdle of icy, wintry pathways and made their way silently into our home as the boys and John (blissfully unaware) sat watching the continuing saga of the men’s luge event at the Olympics in Vancouver.

As he was called upstairs by head, Frank, the group sprang to life and greeted John who reacted with complete and joyous astonishment.   Below are some photos from the fellowship and honoring time (click to see).

Photos of the Surprise

*p.s. the other surprise party was posted on Feb. 1


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