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Hello, friends.

I enjoyed working on our family blog while we were living in the U.K. (http://ukpop.wordpress.com).  In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I decided to start my own, personal blog.  That way, no one in the family can be blamed for what is said on the blog… except yours truly!  So this is my new beginning.

Also, today is the first day of Advent, a time of preparation to become Christian.  W h o a… you say!  Isn’t Advent the preparation for Christmas:  trim the trees, wrap the gifts, put up the Nativity scene?  Well, that’s what it means now.  But I heard at Mass today that originally, Advent was the first of forty days during which time catechumens (adults who were studying and getting ready to be baptised in the early Church) intensified their preparations as they neared the most important day of their life.   By adding the twelve days of Christmas together with the 28 days before you get 40 days  to Epiphany – one of the feast days on which such baptisms took place, the other being Easter.

I may not explain it well, but like other Christians, I know that Jesus has already been born.  The trick for me and all of us is to allow Him to be reborn in our hearts daily.  Christmas is a great reminder to all of us about doing that.  And if you haven’t been baptized yet, let’s talk.  I welcome comments.

Which brings me to the last thing I want to say in this post about new beginnings.  Our dear friend and almost neighbor, Ruth Cassell, went on to be with the Lord early this morning.  “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” ~Job 1:21  Ruth is the mother of our brother in the People of Praise, Terry Cassell.  Though not a complete shock, it was a very difficult piece of news to hear that she had left this world so soon and without ever actually living two doors down as we had all thought would happen.  For her, today really was a new beginning, in eternity with the Father.  May it be so for all of us someday.  And…

May the name of the LORD be praised.” ~Job 1:21


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